Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better you! 

Many of us have gone through challenging experiences in our lives, and we hesitated to ask for help and guidance out of fear, shame, and embarrassment.  Some of us feel like we are supposed to handle things on our own, and that if we can’t, we will be seen as weak.  In making the decision to view my website, you acknowledge that you can benefit from having some support and encouragement as you navigate the difficulties in your day to day life; you are strong enough and brave enough to take the next step.  

Being in therapy, whether it is as an individual, a couple, or a family, will provide you with the skills you need to cope in a healthy way, teach you how to take care of yourself and to listen to your needs, and allow you to process your emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

 I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

~Brandy Amodio, LCSW